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       May 9, 2021              
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May 2,  2021
Dear Church Family
It was a joy and blessing to worship with 27 of you in person and many more of you on Facebook today, as we celebrated the sacrament of Holy Communion.  Larry shared the announcements, led our Call to Worship, shared our scripture verses from Psalm 46:1-11, and led us in our prayer of confession.  Donnie's message centered around encountering God, particularly as we partake of his body and blood in the sacrament.  The entire service was streamed live on Facebook.  

You can also find Donnie's sermon and the prayer requests on our website, tableofgrace.net.  Please know that you are invited to share your prayer requests by emailing togprayer@gmail.com.

Prayer requests:
We continue to pray for Kim and Scott and the children. He remains in Pittsburgh on a ventilator.  We are praying for a miracle of healing .  Kim was able to worship with us via Facebook from his bedside this morning.  We hope that he can feel our love and prayers.  
Avery is home from  Pittsburgh following her radiation treatments.  Please continue to pray that she remains cancer-free and quickly regains her strength.
Angie asks for prayers of healing and comfort for her friend, who is suffering a return of pancreatic cancer and is getting chemo.  She also asked for prayers of comfort and peace for Gary and Marie.  She is in the end stages of terminal cancer.
Please continue to pray for Nancy's friend, who is recovering from cancer surgery.
As always, please add your prayers to those that remain unspoken.
Mary Alice asks for your prayers for all people needing organ transplants.  Please pray for God's protection for those  who are waiting and for strength and comfort for donors and their families.
Tom and Jan ask for your prayers for their daughter, who is suffering with a kidney stone.  Please pray that she is able to pass the stone and get relief from pain.
Barb asked for prayers for her friend,  who is struggling with breathing difficulties.
Larry asked for prayers of healing and protection for Mike's mother and brother, who were diagnosed with COVID.
Please continue to pray for Cody, that God will lead him to a place of healing, safety, and recovery.
Please continue to pray for my cousin, who will have breast cancer surgery on May 18.  Her prognosis is good.  She asks for your prayers for her grandson,  who is in a very dark, lonely, and hopeless place in his life.  Please pray that God touches him where he is and leads him to a place of hope and light.
We offer thanks and praise to our wondrous God for so many answered prayers.  Sometimes we forget to say thank you.
Mary Alice offered thanks for a successful Walk for the Woods yesterday at Wesley Woods.  The second walk will be on May 15.
Barb offered thanks and praise that she was able to visit her college room-mate and her friend's mother.  She also offered thanks that her dog diagnosed with a bladder tumor had some good days this past week.
It was a joy to have Mark back worshiping with us this morning.
Please pray for all the children taking PSSA tests this week.  It makes many children anxious.  Please pray for God's peace and guidance for them and their teachers.
Please pray for the people of India in their discouraging battle with COVID.

Alcoholics Anonymous will meet on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
Bible study will meet on Wednesday at 5:30 in the patio.  We are studying Colossians.
There will be a meeting of the bedroom makeover committee after bible study (at 6:30) on Wednesday.
The second Walk for the Woods will be on Saturday, May 15.  There will be a group walking at Wesley Woods, or you can choose your own location for walking.  Please turn in all sponsorship materials to Mary Alice or Barb after your walk.

Have a Blessed week!  Brenda



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