February 28, 2021
Dear Church Family
It was such a blessing to worship with you on this last Sunday in February.  Twenty-one of us gathered  in person and it was a joy to have Helen back with us today.  Angie shared the announcements, led our Call to Worship, and read the beloved words from John 3:16.  "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life."  Following the scripture, Angie invited us to join her in reciting the Apostles Creed.  

Prayers of Joy and Concern:
Larry thanked everyone for their prayers during this difficult week as he mourned the loss of his dear friend, Jim.  Please continue to keep Jim's family and friends in prayer.  Larry asked for prayers of strength and support for Michael, who is i dealing with a medical emergency with his uncle,  Please pray for Larry as he has  surgery this week.
Kim offered praises that their family will celebrate three birthdays this week.  Happy Birthday to each of them. She also offered thanks that she is able to participate in the Wednesday Bible Study via Zoom.  Please contact Donnie for the link if you are interested in studying with us on Wednesdays at 5:30.
Donnie asked for prayers of healing for Katie's sister. Tammy's mom will transition to home next weekend.  Donnie also offered thanks and praise for our Table of Grace tech team who are working very hard with the new equipment to expand our video capabilities.
Mark offered praises for mild weather so that he could ride his bike to church this morning.  He also offered praises that his employment prospects look encouraging and prayers that required paperwork arrives. He also asked for prayers for a friend with long term mental health problems that prevent employment, and asked for prayers for financial assistance for him.
Barb asked for prayers of comfort and strength for her director's family.  We had been praying for the director's husband.  Sadly, he passed away.  Barb also asks for prayers of healing and recovery for Jermaine, who will be heading to rehab, but is still unable to speak following a major stroke.
Helen offered thanks that she is recovered from pneumonia and is cleared to receive her second COVID vaccine.
Cathy asked for prayers of comfort and strength for the family of the 17 month-old child who was killed, accidentally. She also offered thanks and praise that she is officially reactivated on the kidney transplant list.
I asked for prayers of comfort and relief for Ann  daughter,  who has suffered severe chronic pain from arthritis. Her doctors have implanted sensors in her spine to see if  they block the pain.  Please pray for a successful outcome.
Katie asked for prayers of healing for the many people who experience mental illness.  She also asks for your prayers for her family.
Cheryl added a prayer request for the many children and teens who are experiencing anxiety and depression during periods of isolation from the pandemic. 
Nancy asked for unspoken prayers.
Please pray for Walt, who was admitted to UPMC Hamot with chest discomfort yesterday.  His EKG was normal, but he has some fluid build-up around his lungs that may need to be drained.
Phyllis offered thanks for everyone's patience with technology.  This morning she needed to make frequent trips to the front of the sanctuary to address interruptions with the phone streaming the service.  No thanks needed.  We are soooo grateful for her work and expertise, and glad  her father-in-law  can enjoy the service remotely.
Mary Alice asked for continued prayers of comfort for Walter's family in Tennessee and  asked us to sign a card for his daughter  and family.
I want to offer a prayer of thanks for Mary Alice's devotion to our Table of Grace children and youth.  She is putting together in-home worship/craft materials for our kids for Holy Week.  She did a similar project for Advent.  I am grateful for her many spiritual gifts!

Larry will meet with his recovery group on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
Bible study will meet on Wednesday in the patio (or on Zoom) at 5:30.  We are continuing our study of Philippians.

 Have a blessed week!   Brenda







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We would be happy to pray for your concerns, please go to the tab marked prayer request and send us the request.