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Sunday Service
January 17, 2021
10:00 AM

Pastor Donnie Blystone's 
 message will be live on Facebook about 10:15.  
You can also find the message on YouTube on Sunday afternoon or on this site under the 
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January 10, 2021
Dear Church Family
Prayer Requests 1/10/2021

13 were present for worship. 
Donnie asked for prayer for Kim  sister, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance this morning.  The reason is not known.  
Avery is still in the hospital, and receiving treatment, doing well. 
This morning the Pastor spoke with a worker from the Lutheran Home who talked about how difficult it is for residents in isolation, and for the staff seeing them, and helping them deal with it.  Prayer for those in isolation, and those who are working with them.  

Angie asked for prayers for her Dad and Mother who are both Covid +.  He was at the emergency department yesterday. Unable to eat. Was discharged and is at home.
She asked for prayer for her brother who is seeking employment.  
Also prayer for Jennie. 

Nancy gave praise that her friend Kim who is out of ICU and still very sick, but slowly improving. 

Mark gave praise for the stimulus check he received.  
He is hopeful that he will receive a military pension that will also help him financially as his temporary Christmas job at Walmart.  
He is happy that he has received his first Covid -19 Vaccine and will have his booster 2/2/21.
He also asked for spiritual growth in 2021. (A good request for all of us.)

Larry asked for prayer for Michelle  who has been in recovery for 4 years, and had a seizure 1/1/21.  The seizure has caused her to lose 5 years of memories.  She does not know her friends in recovery, and some of her “friends” from before recovery are telling her untrue stories about her past that “torment her”.   Prayers for Michelle, and for those who are unhelpful in her recovery both from addiction and the seizure/amnesia problems.  
He also noted that Chuck S. who attends with him has Covid-19.  
He asks for prayers for everyone struggling with addiction.  

Barb asked for prayer for two physicians with Covid-19.  One of them, is very ill and has been transferred to Pittsburgh. 
Also for the family of Arlene who passed recently.  She has been at Sarah Reed for the last 9 months and it has been very difficult for the family to be separated for so long.  Her daughter, was allowed to visit briefly in her last days. 

Mary Alice gave praise that Skyla, who had a bone marrow transplant last fall, continues to do well, and her family is grateful for our continued prayers.  
She spoke with Katie last night.  She  asks for prayer for her emotional health.  

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